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The Crypto Cycle - Hibernation

I find it ridiculous that blockchains and cryptos go through these cyclical winters where they go dormant and no one pays them much attention. Conversely, I fell victim to this cycle when I got a full-time job out of university as the market tanked and I shifted my attention to the new industry I was engulfed in. Multi-Family Property Management.


Like most people, I still believe blockchain will change the world. Just not yet. With this, I am staying engaged and invested, but no longer actively posting/educating others because resources out there like The Drop and EthHub are doing an infinitely better job at this by dedicating more time.

With this, I'll be shifting my online presence towards further enhancing the MultiFamily Property Management industry as many of you have probably seen on LinkedIn.

Rather than sharing articles on this blog like everyone else, I'll be focused on drawing parallels between this industry and the rest of the world. If anything I've written prompts an idea or thought, please share it with me directly or in the comments as I'm working on a personal project to compile and promote positivity through collective imagination.

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