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As a graduate from the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria, I am well versed in everything from behavioural psychology to 

my specialization of entrepreneurship. In my fourth year of university, I attended BI, the highest ranked business school in Norway, where I took a course that sparked my passion for social entrepreneurship.


Looking to the future, I have left the door open to a variety of options. My main interest is in tech, more specifically product management, and I am open to work opportunities. Most recently, studying blockchain and cryptocurrency has given me a deeper understanding of what I believes to be the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution (with quantum computing being the fifth). My open mindset and creative approach will provide me with the flexibility to seriously consider every opportunity that presents itself.



In my free time, I find joy in all types of physical activity. Among my favourites are rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, and hiking/camping. I am also a true believer that relationships and experiences are the most important things in life, which is why I always makes time for adventures with those who matter most.




Let's forget all the professional lingo and expectations for a second so you can get to know me. The real me. First and foremost, I think genuine connection is something that is lacking in our society; because of that, I try my best to be empathetic towards everyone. With this, I'm always eager to be shown a new perspective of the world.

On a more personal level, I'm energetic and whimsically suave. I could care less for social norms that dictate how you should act, which often results in unique conversations and surprising friendships!


To get a more comprehensive understanding of who I am, I have taken personality tests and asked favours of friends and coworkers, compiling a wholistic view of myself.

See for yourself on the Personal page.


A new perspective can change the world, one person at a time.

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