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Looking ahead, I would like to use my entrepreneurial skills to make a positive impact in the lives of others. 

With blockchain becoming more mainstream, I see the use of tokens and smart contracts as a new industry in the business world. With my knowledge of this, I am striving to play an integral role in this paradigm shift.

Whether it's in joining an entrepreneurial team or starting one of his own, I am driven by novelty and am always on the lookout for new opportunities.

My Future

In a nutshell



Since I am open to new career opportunities, here are some possibilities for the type of work I would be interested in and some of my strengths. Breaking into the tech industry is my current priority and the ideal job would capitalize on my ability to learn quickly. Additionally, room for innovation and creativity in my  work would be extremely valuable. As an employee, I works well when provided with multiple tasks to work on and lots of autonomy. I can grind away at a single project when necessary but enjoy the flexibility to bounce between projects throughout the day. I am highly adaptable and well organized with a knack for problem solving and collaboration.

My Experience

Indigenous ACE Logo Small file size.png
Indigenous ACE

While on Exchange, I had an incredible interview phone call with my soon to be boss Brent Mainprize on the nuances of social entrepreneurs. While working at Indigenous ACE, I helped the company in rebranding (originally ACE, with a different acronym), built and maintained the company's LinkedIn and monthly newsletter, developed the company's new website and online learning platform, edited and developed curriculum for the teaching of entrepreneurship to Indigenous students (the main focus of the company), and made numerous promotional videos for the program.

6 months after my 8 month term with Indigenous ACE, Brent followed up to request my return for a 2 month project involving the creation of a new learning tool that would convert the business model canvas into a business plan. In doing so I invented the MC squared model which is composed of the 4 core sections of the business model canvas, and the 4 external M's that are the enhancing structures, systems, and strategies that build on the business model canvas to create a business plan.

Robinson's Outdoor Store

While working at Robinson's Outdoor Store, I quickly rose through the ranks receiving three promotions within two months. During my time there, I was the second top sales person in the store and the third in Canada for a month long contest selling Smartwool. I also got involved in the development of the new website by designing the format and writing content for nearly every page. See their site here.

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 3.55.51 PM.png
Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

I joined the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce after completing my second year of university as the events assistant. During my time there, I developed strategies for identifying and procuring desirable auction donations and then wrote descriptions for the auction program while maintaining the master spreadsheet of donations. I also compiled all social media posts and scheduled them into one concise calendar to maintain consistency across platforms.

Prince of Whales Whale Watching

I had my first co-op experience with Prince of Whales where I got to experience the joys of whale watching first hand while learning valuable customer experience training in sales. My biggest accomplishment while at Prince of Whales was winning the award for highest commission sales made during the course of the summer for which I was a weekend long Vancouver vacation for 2.

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